Offset your carbon footprint,
automatically, every month

Offset your carbon footprint,
automatically, every month

Offset your carbon footprint,
automatically, every month

Your path to carbon-neutrality.

Being carbon-conscious is tough. Our largest CO2 emissions can come from the day-to-day activities that we suspect the least. Being aware of the impact that our lifestyle has on our planet is the first step towards reducing it.

Generating zero CO2 emissions is unrealistic for most of us, but there is a way you can give back. With the help of Carbon/Neutral you can offset your remaining emissions, by supporting charitable projects whose mission is to have a net positive environmental impact.

Together, we can be Carbon/Neutral.

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Smart Footprint Estimation

Our carbon footprint calculator works out your carbon footprint based on your categorised spending data.

Personal Insights

Our carbon footprint dashboard shows you which type of spending generates most of your carbon emissions, highlighting the areas you can most improve on.

Automatic Offsetting Donations

Our monthly service automatically makes donations to carbon-offsetting charities on your behalf, based on your footprint that month.

How does it work?

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Calculate your footprint by connecting to Tink, our open banking partner.

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See which areas you can improve on and keep track of your progress.

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Subscribe to our auto-offset service to live life guilt and carbon-free.

Which causes will you be supporting?

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International Tree Planting

Estimated Carbon Reduction: 100,000 tonnes per year

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Wind Farm in Uruguay

Estimated Carbon Reduction: 91,705 tonnes per year

Compatible with most European banks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does carbon-offsetting work?

Many charities around the world work on projects which aim to reduce the amount of CO2 present in the earth's atmosphere (like planting trees or protecting endangered natural ecosystems). By donating to these charities, we can effectively compensate for the CO2 we emit in our day-to-day lives. We selected a number of charities which we make donations to on behalf of our users, helping them become carbon-neutral.

Are you a charity?

No, we are a private limited company based in London, but our goal is to help our users lead more environmentally-conscious lives and reduce the amount of CO2 present in our planet's atmosphere. The charities deserve all the credit for the great work they do on the ground. We simply help them raise more donations.

Do you take commission from the charities you work with?

No, the carbon offset donations are passed directly to the charities. We cover our costs only with the admin fee we charge for our automated offsetting service.

How much does it cost to join Carbon/Neutral?

The cost of offsetting your carbon emissions with one of the charities we work with is £9 per tonne of CO2 (or the equivalent amount in your currency). We also charge a £2 monthly admin fee to cover our server, bank connection and payment processing costs. The average European emits around 0.5 tonnes of CO2 per month, which means a total cost of £6.5 per month will allow the average user to be carbon-neutral.

Is there a minimum sign-up period?

No, you can cancel your auto offset subscription at any time.

What is the admin fee used for?

Bank connection charges, payment processing fees, server costs and maintenance.

How do you work out my carbon footprint?

We retrieve your categorised spending data from your bank statements via our fintech partners and estimate the carbon emitted during the manufacturing, delivery, consumption and disposal of the associated products and services. We aim to make this estimation more accurate as we improve our algorithm.

Which data do you have access to?

You choose the data you want to share with us through our fintech partners. The spending data we retrieve is categorised to protect your privacy, which means the exact time, location and merchant information is stripped before our carbon footprint estimation process.

Do you monetise my personal data?

Absolutely not, we do not and will never sell any of your personal data. For more details, please see our privacy policy.

Can I offset the carbon emissions I generated in the past?

Yes, when setting up your automatic monthly offset for the first time, you have the option to make an additional one-off donation to offset your past emissions. By default, the amount corresponds to your carbon footprint over the last 12 months, but you can easily adjust it or remove it altogether.

I do not see my bank or country in the list - do you plan to add it?

We are constantly expanding the list of countries and banking institutions we support. If you'd like to get yours prioritised, feel free to contact us at